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Phone Post

[Ring, ring~. Leave messages and so on here.]


Tags, items collected, and so on will go here . . . At some point.

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Nov. 14th, 2011

This journal is now being used for Death Dealed.
[The Inn reeks off cleaners, and there is a neatly packaged up dinner waiting on the counter top with enough for the entire mob of tenants. Miyako is sitting on the porch, quietly, with a small bag beside her, watching the sunset.]


[[Drop post.]]

Dec. 12th, 2008

[After a week's long disappearance, Miyako is finally leaving the Caves of Despair, looking a little rumpled and worse for the wear. She could stand to: A) Eat a horse, B) Sleep for a couple of days, or C) Take a bath. . . But staying up a little longer couldn't hurt.]

[[Open to any characters that would have noticed Miyako's absence, etc.]]
If you want me to jump you: GO HERE

Comment so I can add your name even if we haven't threaded before. I will pick one of yours to randomly tag, so it'll be like Wheel of Fortune. Alternatively, if you want your character added and we have threaded before then say who and who. I'm easy. ilu all kay

And I'm not dropping a bloody one of my characters. ♥


Ghost Hound revolves around mystery which means canon likes to be ambiguous on Miyako and her powers. Here I'm going to take what I can from canon to explain them and make some cross-canon compatibility.

snip snipCollapse )

While I'm canon reviewing, Tarou and Mizuka were abducted on September 22, 1996.* They were discovered four days later. Everyone knows the rest. Hideo Ogami committed suicide on October 2, 1996.

GH CAST - I'm still fussing with Miyako's birthday. Who wants to vote on the creepiest best date?

* Do not rely on Wiki. Sorry, Tarou.


you will die in seven days.
Komagusu Miyako
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